Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch online magazine ‘Singlessite.nl’

The originally Dutch article, ‘Helft vrouwen vindt inhuren gigolo slim’, from the Dutch Online magazine Singlessite.nl, can be read here. The translated text of the article is written out below.

Half of the women think hiring a gigolo is smart

Half of the women think hiring a gigolo is a smart thing to do. Hiring a gigolo is becoming less and less of a taboo. As many as half of all women today consider paid lovemaking as smart, modern and sensible. This has emerged from research by online magazine singlessite.nl, which conducted research among 650 women on the phenomenon of paid sex.

Clever sex

The image of paid sex for women is no longer hidden in the dark and is slowly breaking free from the taboo atmosphere. Half of the women nowadays regard hiring a gigolo as smart and modern. A small minority of women still see paid sex as dirty, stupid or vulgar.

Act to the word

Of all the women surveyed, 10% put their money where their mouth is and called for a gigolo at some point. The number of women who are currently seriously considering ordering a man for sex is 21%. Another 40% say they sometimes play with the idea.


The gigolo has to be an all-rounder to meet the sexual preferences of the modern woman.

Top ten wishes:

  1. Massage plus relaxed lovemaking
  2. A game of firm sex
  3. Sex as never before
  4. Multiple orgasms
  5. Oral sex
  6. Learning new sex things
  7. A large penis that lasts a long time
  8. Finally cumming for once
  9. Trying out different positions
  10. Particularly physical intimacy

It is striking that despite various articles in women’s magazines in which the growing need for anal sex is emphasized, we do not see this reflected here. Apparently, anal sex with a gigolo is not seen as a must and is therefore at the bottom of the wish list.

Price tag

Since this is a business transaction, the question arises as to how much one is willing to pay for two hours of sex with a gigolo.

  • A percentage of 28% of the women say they are willing to pay a maximum of €100 for this.
  • For 26% of the ladies this is between €100 and €200
  • Only 7% are willing to pay between €200 and €300 for the lovemaking of their dreams.
  • A very small minority of 3% has between €300 and €400 to spare.

Female image

What kind of women are they willing to pay for a male sexual partner? According to the women surveyed, these are primarily well-educated women annex business women. Women over forty and single women also score high. Low-educated women, housewives and married women are considered the least likely customers.