Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch online platform ‘Shespot.nl’

The originally Dutch contributions on the platform Shespot.nl (erotica for her) can be read here. The translated text of the article is written out below.

A night of wild sex

Mmm, I will post a more detailed response later, Mr. Gigolo has just left, I took a shower and wrote down my experiences. Since my legs and sometimes my hands are still shaking, a coherent story will come later. For now: damn what an experience. What a lot of very nice, solid, horny sex and new experiences. I had a very nice evening….. now I’m going to sleep well first, that should work. Regards, a happy Anwen.

I’ve landed a little bit now. I really liked it. What I wanted was to be able to let go and surrender, to enjoy without feeling that I had to give something in return. And that has worked out pretty well. I am glad that despite some doubts and pictures about sex I followed my intuition and did this. During the relaxation massage I slowly came out of my head. At that moment I was very preoccupied with what was going to happen, the whole payment aspect etc. But at a certain point I was able to surrender and from the moment he started the erotic massage I just let it all go. I enjoyed it very much, so much that I could hardly stand on my legs in between when I went to the toilet, when the evening was over I was still completely shaking It was nice that Rene also had toys with him that we could use. I was also able to gain experience with anal (only finger / vib), I had indicated in advance that I did not want this, but I thought it was quite nice to experience it. Furthermore, of course, the g-spot orgasm, never experienced it before… Strange, the first time I didn’t feel much except that I got very wet. By the fourth or fifth time (at one point I lost count a bit) I felt it a lot more and I could also feel the spray by holding my hand above it. Despite that, I hardly find it comparable to a clitoral/vaginal orgasm. The most I felt about it, apart from the moisture, was the tendency to move very much and I had to grab something very hard… Nice, but I think it’s really different. And it remains bizarre that I already squirted within 10 seconds after he inserted his fingers. Haha, a ‘normal’ orgasm during fucking takes me a really long time and almost only succeeds if I finger myself. I still think that the choice of a gigolo stands or falls with the person in question who offers himself. But I can say about Rene he is very good. It was nice that he went along with it when I could let it all go, so that it was mainly a night of wild sex. Nevertheless, he is also very nice and we had a nice chat afterwards. Totally worth repeating…. let me know if there are any questions!


MMF experience

On Saturday morning, October 17, we left for a rendezvous hotel, where we would have a date with a gigolo at 10:00 am to fulfill our fantasy, mmf threesome with a sandwich as the highlight. Once checked in and in the hotel room, we made preparations and cuddled and talked for a while. Exactly at 10:00 am I received a call from the gigolo that he was waiting downstairs in the lounge. I then went down to pick him up. And there he was….a fairly inconspicuous, casually dressed, not unattractive man.

In the hotel room I introduced the gigolo to my wife and talked a bit. Then he made his preparations; relaxing music, massage tools ready, incense lit.. Then he indicated that we could start with our scenario, as far as we had. And we had. We hugged and kissed intensely, stripping each other down to our underwear. I whispered sweet nothings in my wife’s ear and that everything felt good, after which she stripped the gigolo down to his underwear and started kissing him. By now I lay down on the bed, enjoying my wife. She also made the gigolo lie on the bed, after which she asked us both to lie on our stomachs. She straddled me, massaging me, kissing me extensively, whispering words. Then the gigolo, who was lying next to me, was massaged, after which she gave me oral pleasure with all the feeling she had in her. After this she said she wanted to surrender to the hands of the gigolo. He gave her a very extensive, relaxing massage that she visibly enjoyed. Subsequently, the gigolo said, the relaxing massage would turn into an erotic one, after which she would be stripped of her lingerie. He began to massage her erotically, very gradually, until her pleasure was heightened to an unprecedented level. And that was it!

He made her squirt. The gigolo stated on his site that he could make women squirt. My wife has indicated in advance that she would like to experience this if it would be possible. He repeated this three times, explaining to me how he did this. In retrospect, according to her, I unconsciously found and stimulated the G-spot in the Darkroom of the Kamasutra fair, because she now recognized the feeling. Incidentally, this did not result in a squirting orgasm. The feeling, according to her, is unstoppable, and you have to surrender to it, unlike other orgasms. The gigolo indicated that he could do this with a woman without any restrictions, if she was able to squirt. We exchanged some more information about this.

It was a sensational and very special experience for both her and me. She had to recover from this for a while, after which we enjoyed each other very intensely and intimately. It turned out to be an intense lovemaking where we came together. After this intense sex we had to recover for a while and we cuddled and let all the experiences sink in. We thought it was very important to take time for each other and to take into account each other’s feelings. We recommend that other couples who also intend to try this not lose sight of each other. And everything must be clear, down to the last detail: what you do want and what you don’t want.

The idea is that you can enjoy any form of threesome together. After everything has settled down, the feelings are expressed. After a break she undressed the gigolo further, after which she gave him a blowjob and asked him to take her vaginally from behind. Almost immediately he found her G-spot again, and once again she felt unable to resist. The gigolo asked her to lie down on her back, which she did. He clearly wanted to try and get her to squirt through penetration, and tried to do this by taking her in different positions. This didn’t work and she couldn’t finish either. She indicated she wanted to feel both of us inside her. She sat on top of me, and the gigolo took her anally. After a while I wanted to switch and the gigolo was on the bottom and I took place behind my wife. That was a really exciting moment for me. My wife said afterwards that she only really felt the one that was anal inside her and especially liked that. Vaginally she barely felt anything during the sandwich. We went on for a while, but no one came.

After the sandwich we said goodbye to the gigolo, after which we stayed behind in the hotel room, enjoying the afterglow. We took a bath, talked a lot and expressed our feelings, which was very important because it was an intense adventure for both of us. To end it in a wonderful way, we had very passionate and intense sex, during which we both came.

In conclusion, we can say that it has been a mind-blowing experience, which you can enjoy to the fullest, provided you make the right preparations. We are now preparing to experience another mmf threesome, but without a gigolo. This threesome will undoubtedly be very different, and we also do want to experience that. Now to find a suitable candidate.

We liked the gigolo very much, but now we want a threesome with a man that we get on the internet. That’s just easier said than done.