Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Experience: Rediscovering sex after death of partner

Date 1:

Physical intimacy and sex, due to the death of my partner about two years ago and not really having a sexual relationship together in the years before, the desire for sex had almost disappeared. Fortunately, we have always shared love for each other.


Eventually, I -age about 50 years old- started to miss intimacy and sex, and after talking about it with my friends, reading about it, and thinking about it, I decided to take the plunge and go looking for it. Because it had been so long ago, I consciously looked for someone who I knew for sure put my pleasure and experience first: a gigolo. I found the whole idea to be both exciting and useful. A gigolo is completely there for your pleasure and there is also no hassle regarding disappointing lovers and expectations, which I feel can all be the case with encounters via dating apps or Tinder, etc.

Gentle and kind

The information on René’s website appealed to me. Somewhere in an article I read that, in addition to having a job, working as a gigolo is mainly a hobby, a pleasure. He came across as very gentle and kind to me. Also, fortunately, with 45 years of age, he was not as young as many of the other men I met on my quest.

After hesitating for a while I sent him a message, to which I got a response pretty quickly. And fun photos. How exciting just taking that first step had been! We made an appointment.

In the afternoon of the agreed day the bell rang. René came up the stairs with a suitcase full of things for a wonderful afternoon of joint bedtime fun. We greeted each other with a kiss and an embrace. I saw a slender and athletically built man of my height, with a very nice and open face and a nice smile. An easy talker with a laid back attitude. We chatted a bit and drank coffee. The ice broke quickly and the tension drained away, it didn’t feel scary at all anymore.

After the coffee, R. took the initiative and went to the bedroom to prepare it to his liking. My apartment and the direction seemed a bit taken over, which I was totally fine with, because although it wasn’t scary anymore, it was of course still a bit exciting. A water-repellent bottom sheet and a very large soft bath towel were placed over the mattress for protection, incense and candles were lit and all sort of things were placed at hand. I drew all the curtains and darkened things a bit, then went to the bedroom, where I was invited to lie face down on the bed in my panties and bra. R. had also undressed down to his boxer and also got into bed. He started to tickle and stroke me and I got soft kisses on my back. He was nice and warm, soft and very sweet.

Body to body

Slowly his touches became firmer and the massage oil flowed freely. My bra came off and my panties were pulled between my buttocks. The massage grew more intense and arousing, and occasionally R. would reach to the side of my breasts or casually touch me between my legs. He had half sat on me and with one knee he forced my legs apart. His knee was now high between my legs and pushed against my pussy and clit wonderfully tight. I looked up the pressure and found it difficult to lie still. Our now naked bodies were completely smooth and shiny with oil, and every now and then he would slide his whole body over my back and buttocks, which was very overwhelming and arousing. Between my legs it was throbbing with anticipation and I think I was already getting very wet.

After that lovely massage, René told me to get up and get on my hands and knees in front of him. I love it and it’s horny, someone telling me a little forcefully what to do.

My bed is quite high and he was standing behind me, putting on a condom. So I stood there for a while, waiting, completely ready for what was to come. Postponement and waiting; so very exciting. He crawled onto the bed and grabbed my hips tightly, leaned over my back and fingering me briefly from underneath. I was very aroused and wet and ready to get fucked and I couldn’t wait. He pushed himself against me and slowly but steadily pushed his cock all the way inside me. The feeling was divine, wonderful to be filled completely once again. He fucked me after a slow start, eventually deep and fast, and I kind of fell forward. Deeper still. More intense. After this I rolled over and R. started fingering me, caressing, squeezing and gently nibbling me, alternated with good deep fucking. We also had a wonderful kiss, R. has beautiful full soft lips, with which he can kiss and suck very nicely. During lovemaking and fucking, he bit my nipples and sucked them vigorously. It hurt a little bit but I loved it, it made me super horny. They were still very sensitive for a few days, after all the sucking and biting that afternoon, a wonderful sweet pain. Occasionally during the following days at work I would secretly squeeze my tender nipples, and then the excitement would go through my body again. Mmmm…my horny secret..


That’s how we went on. R. also extensively massaged the front of my body. My feet, legs, pussy, clit, belly, breasts, face, everything was touched, kneaded, licked and kissed wonderfully. Organically, the massage turned back into good fucking. It seemed to excite René that I, the dark-haired, somewhat aloof, French professeure that I am, who now lay unashamedly moaning beneath him, enjoying the thrilling fantasy of sex she would have with interns and other men from her work, that she would just be back to work the next day. The horniness she now surrendered to, invisible to her colleagues, but as it were still hot and wet under her clothing. It turned me on a lot, having two faces, two sides.

My neat and decent side, of which no one suspects anything ‘trashy’. But also that secret, ‘dirty’ and ‘vulgar’ side, in which I let myself be taken, grabbed, used, fingered and surrendered to pleasure unabashedly, moaning, enjoying and free, with my legs spread wide. How incredibly exciting!


R. tried to hit my G-spot by thrusting his cock up a little while I was lying on a pillow with my buttocks. So not necessarily deep thrusts, but mainly through a different angle, towards my belly. The sensation was great, but nothing happened in terms of G-spots yet. Then he fingered me again, everything was so soft and smooth, and he put a little vibrator in my pussy. It was sensationally delicious; one big body orgasm, that’s how I have to describe it.

René told me to lie down a certain position, then put two fingers in my pussy and went to find my G-spot. He moved up and down firmly and quickly with both fingers, and suddenly I felt like I had to pee really bad. R. said that was just right and that I should let myself go completely and not hold back that feeling. Letting go. He increased the pressure and pace and suddenly there was sopping and a lot of wetness everywhere. I had squirted. This I had never experienced. He spread the liquid over my stomach and breasts and put his soaked fingers in my mouth, it tasted sweet. Squirt, fuck, squirt, fuck, it went on and on after that. As soon as he stimulated me, it was that time again. It was so super horny and that passion and animality, that letting go, that interplay of bodies in bed and also the intimacy and warmth that I felt so strongly at the same time, everything that I had missed so much…I could still do it. And I loved it!

Swingers club

I lay with my shoulders and head over the edge of the bed and we continued to fantasize together. While René was alternately fucking me both hard and tenderly, he told me that if I liked it too, he would like to take me to a swingers club with him. That I would enjoy it so much and how hot men would find me and how I would be indulged. We talked about what I would like to do, what my fantasies were, and we also played about one man after another fucking me. In the position in which I lay, R. took me as those men would take me. He mentioned how it would go: “and then comes number one, he can’t control himself ” (thrust, thrust, ahhh, done) and then: “and now the next one, this one takes your pussy hard and deep” (in, out , hard thrusts) etc. etc. something like that, those kind of texts and scenarios. An imaginary man or 3 or 4 this went on. My fantasy of being touched and fucked by many men, one after the other, fitted in so nicely with our love game, and visiting a swingers club can make this fantasy come true. It would be fantastic to experience this together with René. And really horny, really.


We regularly slowed down a bit and there was wonderful room for cuddling, tenderness, soft kisses and caresses. Room to be in the moment together. Everything felt so familiar already, it was beautiful.

Soon, however, it started to itch again, and R. stimulated my G-spot fingering and fucking while I worked my clit with a vibrator. The big vibrator lay between our bellies and the big vibrating head pressed firmly on my clit through the tender fucking. What an intensity, full of delicious feelings and pleasure. We had been making out and fucking for at least two hours and I was blowing René and jerking him off. I couldn’t get any further than half-heartedly doing this, what he was doing to me was too overwhelming to really focus on his satisfaction.

Luckily I didn’t feel that René, that great connoisseur, was lacking on our date and I got the impression that he enjoyed it as much as I did. He said he loved everything about me. My pussy, my wonderfully soft body, my fantasies, my squirting, our bedtime fun together, everything. He also said that I would undoubtedly have the time of my life in a club and that men would be very happy to make love to me.


The afternoon was already starting to progress, and after a bit more cuddling and making out, I gave R. another blow and jerked him off. While I was straddling the bed on my knees over him, and he was fingering me like that and making me squirt, I jerked him off and we both came nicely. We rested peacefully in each other’s arms for a while. What a complete experience. I’ve always been lucky with bed partners and enjoyed good sex through the years, but I’ve never until now experienced it so extensively, and so with my pleasure first and foremost with someone as with René. It was a very satisfying afternoon, so very nice and I’m really glad I dared to make an appointment with him.

While we were still dozing a little for a while, my cat climbed onto the bed to see what was actually going on. That sweetie… Like me, she had not experienced this kind of action in years!

Finally, R. went to take a shower. I put on something cozy and comfortable and checked myself in the mirror. A little tired, but sexually satisfied, happy, haggard head with run-through makeup, looked at me. I laughed, it had been a long time since I had seen myself like this..


Earlier in the day I had bought all kinds of goodies at an Indonesian toko, which we were now eating. We were very hungry. During dinner we, among other things, talked about visiting a swingers club and how René and I would not only have a good time there, but that he would also pay close attention to my safety with regard to sex with other men. For example, that men would use a fresh condom, or not go from one vagina to mine with their unwashed fingers, etc. I said I would like to go there with him sometime.

We concluded and I gave him the envelope with the agreed amount, and after a few very nice and fun hours, René left after a sweet hug. In the evening it was difficult to fall asleep, too many thoughts and adrenaline were still flowing through my body.

Date 2:

Meanwhile I had a wonderful second date with René. It couldn’t get any better, I thought, but this second appointment was actually even more enjoyable and satisfying than the first. I think because we knew each other a little bit. Every minute of the hours together was so delicious and so horny. Pleasure all over!

Prior to our date, I had proposed an exciting scenario in which René would not just ring my doorbell, but would break into my house and ‘surprise’ me in my so-called sleep, of course with all the naughty consequences that entails..

Role play

It was so exciting and I was giggling softly in my bed when the front door opened and I heard some soft rumbling in the living room. The ‘burglar’ slid behind me into my bed, against my warm bare body. Because of the nerves, I had to laugh a bit again and so I fell a little out of my role. But á la, there must also be room for a little laughter during the love game! However, I was immediately blindfolded and tied up for my giggles as a punishment, and to shut me up the burglar put his cock in my mouth and put clips on my nipples. God, what a brutal robbery, how awful….not!

Ringing doorbells at the neighbors to get into my apartment building, finding hidden front door keys, sneaking in quietly. Just like me, René thought it was all great and very exciting to do..

The hours after this role play were again amazing and delicious. Actually, see date 1, but then again a lot more familiar, something that made it even nicer as far as I’m concerned. After dinner, which we had ordered this time, we quickly undressed and went back to bed again for another lazy, horny, after-dinner fuck. While I played with my pussy, R. finally jerked off and came squirting all over my breasts. Mmmm, so porny….

Making love for such a long time and with such abandon, made my body tingle and all my senses sharpened. Every caress, little love bite, lick, kiss, squeeze, and every intrusion felt super intense. What a sensation, I want this more often, it’s addictive. How René can love, fuck, suck, all sorts of things for so long, how he keeps it up without coming to a climax himself quickly; it’s really fantastic. And a really great blessing..


Prior to the appointment, I had sent René, in addition to the burglary script, a list containing my other wishes, fantasies, do’s, and a few don’ts. As a result, he gets to know me better sexually and so it can only become even hotter between the sheets. A single don’t could possibly become a do. I feel very safe and at ease with René and if there is anyone with whom I would dare to push sexual boundaries, it would be him. Only time will tell.

Alive again

Thank you René, thanks to you it is flowing again. I’m enjoying again! I feel very much alive again!!