Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

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How can I describe the lovely 3 hours that we had this afternoon & more importantly what had become a once distant memory from years ago became a reality once again. Unthinkable that such intense pleasure (MALE-ESCORT-SERVICES) has been locked away & through circumstance revealed once again.
Truly amazing that you could tap into the sensual me.
I am ever so grateful for your help on this soul searching journey.
Until we meet again.


Hi ladies, stop looking and let Rene surprise you. I can assure you it will be a night full of warmth, security, love, respect, eroticism, lovely massages, a night that will make you feel all woman again.
Love Eva.


It was silly, but it went its own way. I had never experienced it before, not even mentioning that I expected this from me. It was amazing, I feel woman all over again. I can enjoy again, what a liberating feeling it is. Thank you Rene (MALE ESCORTS) for such a great night.


That you so much for such an incredible night! You left me with a great feeling! You were so sweet and took the tension away so fast and you gave me my first beautiful experience with eroticism. I am so glad that there is nothing wrong with me and I can enjoy being a woman even better. You truly gave me something special.


We have enjoyed being together! It was really nice how you comfortably took initiative and included Max as well. You really look hot and you handle everything relaxed and flexible, real great! Max & Debbie


Rene, thank you for contributing to this great feeling. I have never felt as complete as a woman and I have a smile on my face that does not want to go away! You gave me a beautiful, tender and erotically trio-experience and I love Arnold even more than I did before. Already looking forward to our next party. Stephanie and Arnold.


I have experienced (BOYFRIEND EXPERINCE) the most intense night of eroticism in my life, the warmth, tenderness, love, affection, security, respect and guided by you I have reached climaxes after climaxes on this night.

Thanks Rene. YOU ARE GREAT !!!

Dutch ladies, let Rene make you enjoy the first till last moments…

Anneke and Jimmy

We have had an amazing night. We were good together, but after a night like this, it is even better. Never knew I had this in me; you can truly make a woman feel like one. Our fantasies have come true. Thank you and see you soon.

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