Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

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How can I describe the lovely 3 hours that we had this afternoon & more importantly what had become a once distant memory from years ago became a reality once again. Unthinkable that such intense pleasure (MALE-ESCORT-SERVICES) has been locked away & through circumstance revealed once again.
Truly amazing that you could tap into the sensual me.
I am ever so grateful for your help on this soul searching journey.
Until we meet again.

Anouk J.

I longed for true enjoyment. I have enjoyed it so much… I am glad that I did this, so I won’t be wondering how it would be like…Because it can be so much fun. You are incredible in pampering women!

Chantal and Ruud

Rene is heavenly. My husband was pleased that I could let myself go like this. We were with the 3 of us. I have done many trio’s before, but never experienced one like this. First a great massage and afterwards experienced multiple orgasms. Than the 3 of us had incredible sex. I recommend this to couples, but also singles. Rene is very upright. Chantal and Ruud.


I was looking for someone to enrich my experiences on the sexual area. Rene (STRAIGHT MALE ESCORT) thank you for a beautiful night. You helped me enormously. I look back with a great feeling. I even dare to say that I have enjoyed it a lot and want to meet you again.


It was really amazing and really unique that it was so natural….I could enjoy it so well, something I did not expect at all. Besides finding it really nice, it was really fun as well and not forced at all. No one can ever take this present to myself away from me!!! It was enjoyment to the fullest!


A lot is already said by other ladies. In this business it is important how to approach the other party, I think that Rene has a gift for this. ‘a drink, small talk’ afterwards a massage that becomes more and more. The rest went automatically…Rene proposed things (for example his specialty) but also pays good attention to signals- both verbal as nonverbal – from the other person. Because of that, It will be different each time. I can stay poetic, but it can also be exciting, horny, stable etc. etc. If you’re looking for that, than you should contact Rene… Besides all the respect and carefulness! What Aagje already told you: ‘enjoyment just as you want’.


Thank you so much for the exciting, arousing, sportive and instructive night (pleasure I did not even know existed!) I still have an afterglow. I feel like a superwoman with incredible feelings of lust.


Ladies, I can truly recommend Rene to you. He will absolutely make you feel comfortable and give you a great night!!!

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