Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch magazine ‘Vriendin’

You can read the original Dutch article, ‘Een heerlijke man met een prijskaartje‘ from Dutch magazine ‘Vriendin’ here. The translated text of the article is written out below

‘A delightful man with a price tag’

Elisa (41) “My husband passed away in June last year, after an illness of a year and a half. We were together from the age of 17, he was my first true love. We had no children. As soon as we knew he wouldn’t get better, we experienced an intensive, valuable period together in which we said goodbye to each other. I was not afraid to be left alone, a strange power came over me that made me feel that I had to continue. Before he passed away we had talked about how life would go on for me. He expressed the wish that I would be happy again. It was nice to get that from his mouth.”

“I was surprised that I wanted to have sex again so soon after he passed away. During the last period that had not been possible, he was too sick for it, but we got plenty of satisfaction from sweet hugs. But when even those were gone, I found myself wanting to be satisfied all over again, with all the trimmings. Six months later it turned out that it was possible. I do not want a relationship, I am not ready for that yet, but I do want sex. However, I didn’t actively search, I didn’t want to just pick someone off the street, so to speak. The idea of hiring a gigolo came to me quite by chance. I was looking for a singles vacation when I saw a small ad on the side of the internet that said “enjoy”. I clicked it right away and then saw it was a gigolo’s site. That got my interest. For about six weeks I came back to the site regularly to follow what was on it. I got the butterflies in my stomach and then thought: oh, I’m just gonna do it!”


“It was very exciting for me. When I emailed the gigolo, I got an email back quickly. That same day he e-mailed that an appointment for him had fallen through in the evening. If I dared to do it so quickly, he would be willing to come to me. But I only saw that email the next day. We e-mailed back and forth, with him also sending pictures of himself, and in my head I could see it all happening. His words were so thrilling, that I already arranged to meet him the next day. I didn’t want to meet in a hotel, I found that strange. I thought it would be better to be comfortable at home. But then I would literally and figuratively expose myself. A man in my house, I didn’t know how I would react to that after the death of my husband.”

“The night he came I was nervous. I was just walking back and forth around the house. When the doorbell rang I knew he was at the door. I shook his hand and we kissed three times. First we had coffee. Because I had already indicated in the email that I had been widowed for six months, he broached the subject himself. That was pretty emotional for me. I don’t have much experience with different men as I had been with my husband since I was 17. But he proved to be the best. He said the right words, made me feel comfortable and helped me quickly overcome my insecurity. First he gently held my hand, then he put an arm around me. He suggested massaging me with my underwear on first, but that never happened. We went to my bedroom where we first stood together with clothes on. It felt so good to feel his arms around me. Then we undressed and had sex.”

“I did not think about my husband, fortunately the gigolo was completely different in appearance. I was a bit closed off the first time. Still, it was so nice that I met up again. The second time, of course, I knew him a little better and I could let go more. Then a lot of feelings came out of me and I had to cry. Still, I never felt guilty about wanting to have sex again. I consciously chose to get attention again, nothing more. I did notice that it is really René’s field of expertise, that he is often involved in it. He felt just what I like. I thought it was pretty bizarre that he could have an erection for three hours, something I had never experienced before. The only embarrassing thing I found was the payment at the end. The first time we showered together. I got out a little earlier, put on my bathrobe and while he was getting back into his clothes, I put the money on the table. I found that really bizarre, even though I knew it was part of the job.”

“After three times, I haven’t met him again. I had the need and it’s gone for a while now, I’m very busy getting my life back on track after the death of my husband, but maybe that will come again. I told some friends I hired a gigolo. Otherwise, I felt like I was carrying around a secret. They all responded the same way. They thought it was great that I had done this, ten times better than just picking a man off the street and not knowing who you are bringing into your house. I myself am surprised that I have done this, because I would never have thought of it before. Now I’m proud of myself, I think I did this well. It’s a good way to get warmth without the whole hassle of calling and texting that you can have after a date. I was looking for intimacy and sex and I got that for the full one hundred percent.”

Love to pamper

The gigolo in question is René, a 38 year old bachelor. “During the day I am self-employed, in my free time I work as a gigolo. But there was still a long way to go before I became that. At the age of twenty-one I met the woman with whom I lived for fourteen years. After two years she suffered a burnout from her work. She suggested looking for sex outside the door every now and then, because she herself hardly felt the need for it at that time. I was dumbfounded, that idea had never crossed my mind. In the weeks that followed, we talked about it. She thought I wouldn’t be happy if I had to go months without sex. And in retrospect, I think I would have been put to the test if we hadn’t been intimate for two years, because that’s how long her burnout turned out to be. She herself indicated that she was able to distinguish between love and affection on the one hand and sex and lust on the other. She had many boyfriends and one-night stands in her young years. She values spiritual fidelity, but is easy on the sexual front.”

Via via I found a swingers club where single men can also go. I was sold after my first visit. It was heaven on earth to me. I used to visit the club almost every Friday, a great way to start the weekend. The next morning I told my girlfriend what it was like. She thought it was beautiful and gave it to me wholeheartedly. When she felt like herself again after two years, I asked her if she wanted to join me. In the following years we visited various clubs in the Netherlands and Germany on average twice a month. Our relationship ended eventually but that had nothing to do with eroticism. We still see each other every week and, on average, go to a swingers club together once a month, even though we are not intimate with each other.”

“When I read in a magazine that a woman was complaining about how she could hardly find a gigolo, let alone one that was good, I showed it to my ex. She immediately thought that I should do it.”

“I loved, and love to pamper a woman, that gives me satisfaction. I found it exciting to explore how the gigolo world was put together and whether it would suit me. I then decided to have a neat website built and to choose a price that would make women want to step over the threshold: one hundred and fifty euros for an evening. If you deduct the travel costs, I hardly have anything left, but that’s okay. I also do it for self-interest: having fun in bed. Because I had been intimate with quite a few women, including in swingers clubs, and had received many compliments on my way of loving, I was not afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it. My ex-girlfriend really encouraged me to go through with the plan.”

“I know that for many women the threshold is high to call a gigolo, so I first do everything by email. Many women write that after a long hesitation they decided to send an e-mail and that they didn’t feel like picking up a man in the pub just like that. In that case, an appointment with me is a good alternative. In the mail contact we build a kind of bond before a concrete appointment is made. I send pictures of myself first, first without a face, then with a face and in underwear. The email contact gives me an impression of her wishes and experience. In three-quarters of the cases I visit the women at home, otherwise we meet in a hotel.
My clients can be divided into four groups: single women, couples who want to try a threesome, divorced women and married women who are in unhappy relationships. All of these groups are approximately the same size.”


“I’ve always had trouble-free sex. I had therefore never realized that there are many women with less good erotic experiences. During my work as a gigolo, I discovered that many women have experienced a trauma or blockage. It gives me a lot of satisfaction with warmth, love and tenderness to make these women enjoy sex again. I’m not a therapist, but always suggest a chat at the start of the appointment. Then I take the tension away with a relaxation massage, which automatically turns into an erotic massage and finally into sex. After that, chat in bed with a drink and a cup of coffee in the living room.”

“In the days after the appointment, I often email a few more times, giving the self-image and confidence of the women a push in the right direction through compliments. I’ve noticed that I can help women. For example, there was a young woman who, as a result of incest, had completely turned off her feelings. I will remember for a long time that I was able to let her enjoy herself again.”

“But I’m not here to solve problems, I can’t do that in four hours either. There are not always problems either, half of all appointments are only about lust and fun in bed. I do it partly for kicks. One goes to play soccer twice a week and I do this. Every time I ring the bell, I find it exciting again. And I always see something exciting in women that I find less pretty. Since I became a gigolo, I have no relationship. I’m open to that. If my future girlfriend wanted me to stop I would. I would be sorry, but understand that she would not accept this.”


Irene (39) is also one of the women who makes use of René’s services. “Four years ago I got divorced. I’ve always had a wish list of things I wanted to do and one of them was hiring a gigolo. That seemed a nice extra sexual stimulation to me. I thought it would be wonderful to feel like a real woman for once.”

“More than six months ago I read an article about René and I thought: I’m going to email him. I didn’t know what he looked like then. I thought it was exciting to actually make contact and meet up. I was especially hesitant about whether or not I was willing to pay for sex. I wondered why men are much more likely to go to prostitutes and I was so doubtful. I think that’s because women think much more often, consider everything, while men go for it if they think it’s fun or nice. The email exchange was very pleasant, he reassured me and emailed neat pictures of himself that were really taken with respect. Nothing vulgar about it.”

“I also felt very safe when he was at the door. I found it very exciting to wait for the doorbell to ring, you know what he’s here for, but it’s a complete stranger. It turned out to be a very special, honest lover who understands his profession well. But I was still a bit worried about the payment. I had thought in advance that I wanted to do that right at the beginning, but it never came to it. So it was afterwards. Fortunately, I had no problems with that at the time. This is something I allow myself. You also pay afterwards when you visit the masseur or the beautician.”

“In the beginning I had an appointment with him twice a week, but now it is once a month. My friends and my brother know about this. I’m quite honest about it. They support me and think it’s nice that I dare to do this. I did say to René once: ‘Every man after you has a problem.’ René is so nice, he makes me feel like a woman. I feel really loved for who I am. But sex with a gigolo is not like making love with a partner. So much love comes with that. With René, it’s mainly fun sex. I do think it is almost therapeutic at times. He’s all there for me, because that’s what I pay for. I can open myself up to him completely and we also have special conversations. Sometimes it’s hard not to see him as a good friend, but that’s where the limit lies. That’s not working. Finally, I pay at the end of the evening and then I remember exactly what the past hours have meant. Then I had a lovely evening and took good care of myself. Because I think good, intense sex is just as important as other means of self care. I really allow myself this, otherwise I will be selling myself short.”